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Our reports are independent and we do not get paid by any dealers or car manufacturers. Our information is from real owners of these cars. We are not connected with any brands or dealerships so our reports and insights are 100% consumer focused.

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Car Average Price Report

The Average Sold Prices Report shows you a trend of what others are paying on average without going into details of actual prices. It includes pricing that…

Research | Visiting Dealers

Recent Sold Price Report

The Recent Sold Prices Report shows you what other buyers are paying for your car after negotiating with dealers. It includes key data for the car…

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Car Profile Insights Report

The Car Profile Report is designed to provide you with insights from real owners on the car you are about to buy or own. Read about the good, the bad …

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Deal Checker Price Report

The Deal Checker Price Report is designed to compare your personal deal with what other buyers have paid in your state. See if your deal is good, bad or …

Visiting Dealers

Buyer Assistant Service

The Buyer Assistant Service takes the unknown out of new car buying.  It’s having a car expert on your side when you are about to deal with the dealers …

Car Dealer Negotiation Tips
Visiting Dealers | Countdown to buy

Dealer Negotiation Tips

The Dealer Negotiation Tips takes the unknown out of negotiating on a new new car.  It’s written by car experts so you can get a great deal on your car …

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With carloop’s exclusive reports, we have saved people thousands of dollars to get them into their next new car

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Owners that have shared the price they paid for their new car to help other car buyers

🙋‍♂️ Frequently Asked Questions

How much does carloop cost?

We have three main products:
1) Recent Sold price report, $19: This report lists the most up to date pricing paid by other customers for the car model and variant you are looking for. It gives you a realistic view of what dealerships are asking versus what people are paying.
2) Model insights report, $39: This report goes into detail on the model information along with owner insights and pricing trends. Helping you make a more informed decision regarding your next new car purchase.
3) Buyer assistant service, $99: Let us do the research and shopping for you. Tapping into our intimate knowledge of the industry and where we can get the best deal for you, we guarantee to save you thousands.

Where do you get your pricing data from?

We have spent 18 months crowd sourcing new car pricing from all over Australia. Our information is real prices that other car buyers have paid for their new cars.

How is carloop different from auto brokers?

carloop is independent, we have no affiliation with any brand. We act on behalf of you as a consumer to try and get you the best deal.

Am I protected from unsolicited calls from dealerships or manufacturers?

Yes you are protected, we do not share your details with any dealerships unless you ask us to.


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