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carloop’s features and benefits that can help you build you save time and money.

Feel confident walking into dealerships and negotiating a price for your new car.

We give you the most up to date prices on what your new car is selling for. This gives you a bargaining advantage with a dealership, eliminating the need to shop at many to negotiate.

By being confident walking into the dealership, and having recent prices the same car has sold for, gives you the advantage. It will guarantee that you get a price for your new car that you will be happy with.

carloop's insights and data is only $19.

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With independent pricing for thousands of new cars from other recent owners , you can find out what sort of a deal you are getting on your new car before buying from the dealers.

A carloop recent sold prices report is personalised to the car and takes into consideration what others have been paying in your state including any added options and accessories.

This report will give you the confidence to know what you should be paying for your new car.

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