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Protecting your privacy and safe protection and storing of your personal information is carloop Pty Ltd (ABN: 38 619 744 302) commitment to you. This Privacy Policy is made in compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). By visiting our website, you agree to this Privacy Policy which complies with the Australian Privacy Act.

For further information on this Privacy Policy or in relations to how we collect your information, please contact our Privacy Officer on and we will get back to you as soon as practical.

How we collect your personal information?

The personal information we collect includes name, email and post codes. We will generally do this by asking you to enter this information and collecting it from you in order to provide our product and services to you. This could be via commenting on our website or by contacting us through


Another way we may collect your personal information is from publicly available sources or by third parties. The personal information we collect is required to purposefully provide our services to you. These purposes would include improving your experience on, to keep you updated on any information which is relevant to you and to make site functions available to you. 


Our website server also collects information when you visit This information is collected for user analysis and marketing to improve the overall experience you have on our website. The types of information our website server collects includes the time you visited our website, your IP address, How you came to our website, Pages you visited, Where you clicked and The number of people who visited our website.


The personal information we collect is needed to ensure we provide you with our website’s services. If we can not collect your personal information needed, you may not be able access some features and functionality of our website.

How we use and disclose your information?

The personal information you provide us is used to send you information about any new updates to the website, products, offers or other information which you would expect from us. Personal information such as your email address may be used to send you such information.


We may also use your personal information to provide you with our website’s services that you would expect with that information. These could include information on any updates to the website, products, offers or other information which you would expect from us in the form of an email. You give us permission to use email address or other information to contact you. You can also opt out of getting marketing material by getting in contact with us. See the section of the policy of how to contact us. Even if you decide to opt out, it may take a few days to be formally removed from receiving such materials. 


Your personal information that identifies you will not be disclosed to any third parties that are not included in this Privacy Policy.

How do we secure and store your information?

We at carloop will take reasonable measures to ensure your personal information is kept in a safe and secure environment. This however can not be guaranteed. Your information that we collect is stored on servers with high security and ongoing surveillance, monitoring and support to stop any data security or unauthorised access breaches. These servers have advanced security features to ensure ongoing service in natural disasters and protection from unauthorised access. These measures are there to protect your personal information so that it is not misused. Unless required by Australian law, if we no longer need your personal information, we will take all reasonable steps to destroy it.


At any stage, if you feel that there has been unauthorised access, disclosure or use of your information, please contact us on or see how to contact us section.

How is your information linked to third parties?

All of your information will only be collected, stored and used as its covered in this Privacy Policy. This information may be shared with our business partners so we can provide our website’s services to you. From time to time, our website may link to websites (linked sites) that are owned and operated by third parties, you understand that these websites are not owned or operated by us. The content, practices or their privacy policy on these linked sites cannot be our responsibility. We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy of these linked sites as their Privacy Policy will differ from our website’s Privacy Policy.

How do we use Tracking Technologies?

At the time you visit our website, we may use tracking technologies like cookies or web beacons to make it our website conveniently accessible for your next visit. Cookies are set and stored on your computer’s hard disk. Information stored by cookies or web beacons are used in various ways to provide a better website experience. These technologies do not personally identify our users, although they do identify the website user’s browser.


Some of the ways we may use cookies would be to estimate the total number of users on our website, measuring traffic on our website and to improve the experience for our users by better understanding how they use our website. If you do not want to accept cookies from our website, you should be able to disable them on your computer.


To better understand our users to provide a better service, we may also use third party tracking tools collect, store and analyse information about users of our website.

How to access your information that we store?

You can request to have access to your personal information that we store. We will reply to your request within a practicable and reasonable time. If the request is reasonable and practicable, we will give you access to the information you have requested. In order to complete your request, we will need to have you supply proof of identity to ensure we are dealing with the owner of the information. You can request any information by contacting us at

What consent we need from you and how to view any changes to this Privacy Policy?

If you use our website, you consent to collecting, storing, using and disclosure of your personal information in compliance with this Privacy Policy and the Privacy Act. At any time, we may change the consent so we recommend you check this Privacy Policy at a regular basis to ensure you are aware of any changes to it.

What if you have any problems with how we collect, store and use your information?

If you have any problems with how we collect, store and use personal information, you can a contact us on If you do contact us, please give us an much information regarding the nature of your problem with regards to this Privacy Policy.


Any problems or queries with respect to the privacy of our users are taken seriously and will be reviewed in an reasonable time by an appropriate member of the team at carloop.

How to contact us?

If you have any questions on this Privacy Policy or believe that we have not obliged by it, please contact us on We will aim to get back to you in a reasonable and practicable time.

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