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carloop’s features and benefits that can help you build you save time and money.

Let us do the legwork for you. You don't have to negotiate with salespeople and your information is kept private until the deal is negotiated.

We compare thousands of prices to find you the best deal. This eliminates the need for you to shop around, saving your valuable time.

Our prices give us the ability to negotiate confidently with the dealerships on your behalf. We always save customers money off their original quoted price.

carloop's insights, data and buying service is only $199.

Get a carloop Assistant to help you get the best deal on their new car and build their trust

Let us do the legwork

We saved $10,000 off of the original quoted price on this Toyota Hilux

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Have you already chosen your new car? Taken it for a test drive and now are looking for the best deal to buy?

carloop’s Buyer Assistant Service does the legwork for you. We ring dealers around the area you have selected and try to get you the best deal before you go and sign the paperwork. We use our database of recently purchased prices to negotiate on your behalf so that you do not overpay on your new car. 

How it works

1. share information

Share the information on the car model and variant you are looking for. Your personal information is not shared with the dealer.

2. WE Negotiate with dealers

We do the legwork, getting prices for you. Negotiating using our up to date information on what others have been paying for same car.

3. be confident of best deal

Be confident that we have helped you get the best deal on your new car.

Real car owners helping you into the right car

Choose your car with confidence

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